I’ve been a leading voice for Louisville men’s basketball coverage since 2013. I’d like to think you’re here because you know me and I know you. You know what I bring to the table. (And if you don’t know me: Hey! Thanks for giving me a shot.)

Here’s what you can expect to see here:

  • nuanced, in-depth analyses (like explaining why Chris Mack values baseline out-of-bounds situations or how Mack’s hybrid pack line is supposed to work) that break down what you’re watching and why things happen the way they do

  • some detail-packed features that give a fuller picture of the team and program you follow — like when I visited the all-girls Cincinnati high school where Chris Mack got his coaching start; or the time I walked Freedom Hall with Denny Crum and just asked him to let his mind wander; or the oral history of Donovan Mitchell’s time at U of L; or the story behind the three men who integrated U of L hoops; or who came up with throwing your Ls up?; or an obituary of the man inside the Cardinal Bird costume who flew from the Freedom Hall rafters

  • some wonky items, too — I will get into the nitty-gritty of Louisville’s NCAA Tournament resume, as I have in previous seasons, so you can have a much clearer idea of where the Cardinals stand week-by-week and not just rely on Bracketology and uninformed takes

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